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Cheap Car Insurance For Women

Article: Cheap Car Insurance For Women

Now this is very positive news for the female folk of the world. If you are a woman seeking insurance for your car, it will be a good idea to go for companies that specialize in woman’s car insurance. This segment is offered the best deal in insurance due to various reasons:– Women make better drivers on UK roads. They keep mileage to the minimum, travel at a slower speed and so tend to have minimum or at the most minor accidents.
– The repair charges incurred by the company are comparatively lesser than their male counterparts.
– Women tend to file lower claims
– Female drivers tend to have lower chance of being served a motoring conviction or being charged with drunken driving.

An example of such good deal is the “courtesy car” policy that can be used to fix the damaged car on the condition that the repair is done by a garage appointed by the insurance provider. This helps them avail free 24-hour emergency helpline, flexible payment, handbag coverage, car stereo coverage, etc. They also offer priority assistance to female drivers in the events of car breakdown or accidents. This is particularly suitable if you are traveling with kids, as it would mean lesser waiting hours and lesser frustration.

Most insurance companies now offer car insurance for woman as a separate option as it benefits both parties. Also these insurance companies believe that this way they can give the benefits back to the drivers via cheaper insurance quotes and premiums. Additionally, the advantages apply to 17+ females as opposed to 19+ males. Thus insurers have gone out of their way to offer women drivers the best and most affordable insurance deals in UK. All these benefits help young women drivers to be fast tracked in their no-claims bonus in comparison to their counterparts.


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