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Environmentally Friendly Cars – Hybrid Cars Pros and Cons Explained

Article: Environmentally Friendly Cars – Hybrid Cars Pros and Cons Explained

Gasoline fuel prices have gone up again lately. There wild fluctuations have given a lot of car owners a great problem in managing fuel costs. Indeed, gasoline prices today can get ridiculously high and have been on the rise. Combine this with an economic downturn and it is not surprising that many are looking out for ways to save money over the long term, opting for car pooling, hyper-miling, or hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars are essentially car with tow engines, namely your conventional gas driven motor as well as electric motor. Hybrid cars have the intelligence to switch to the more optimal motor given your driving speed, hence, helping you save on gas mileage.

One key feature of hybrid cars is that when it is in stationary mode, the gasoline motor shuts down, and electric one takes over, meaning that there is no consumption of gas. From speed levels of idling 0 to about 40 miles per hour, the electric motor will kick in, and you would be driving as per normal but with the electric motor instead. This could eventually help you save tons of gas money especially when you lead an urban lifestyle where driving around town at 40 miles per hour or less is the norm. You can be sure that you would never again have to worry about being stuck in your usual traffic jams and paying high gas bills.

Another advantage is that the Obama government is providing huge tax breaks for people who own hybrid cars. With $7,500 green tax incentives for a simple lifestyle switch to hybrid cars, you are not only liberated for good from your gasoline guzzlers, you will also enjoy the long term benefits of gas savings, apart from your green tax credits. Now who says you cannot have you cake and eat it too?

Hybrid cars are indeed environmentally friendly cars, helping you keep your environment clean and green, reducing tailpipe toxic emissions by about 90 percent and 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions. This is indeed a true legacy you could leave behind for generations to come.

It would obviously cost more than your conventional gasoline guzzlers, about $4,000 more, what with the new technology. Insurance packages will cost slightly higher than your conventional cars as due to higher maintenance cost of the new technology, and should the batteries fail.

However, do realize that this cost can be more than recouped by your $7,500 green tax incentives and even more from your gas savings, albeit over time. And it take no genius to know that hybrid cars works out to be much cheaper than conventional ones over the long run.

Given the green tax incentives perks and the long term gas savings, there is little reason to procrastinate on hybrid cars. After all, the Obama government has a vision to fill our roads with 1 million electric cars by 2015, in a mere 5 years time with a $2.4 Billion Stimulus Plan.


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