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Environmentally Friendly Cars – Is Now The Right Time To Buy Hybrid Cars Yet?

Article: Environmentally Friendly Cars – Is Now The Right Time To Buy Hybrid Cars Yet?

Gas price fluctuations in this difficult economic downturn have given many people a good reason to trade in their gasoline guzzlers for hybrid cars. Business Wire reported that economically and environmentally savvy drivers have set off a wave of environmentally friendly cars sales in Chicago and statewide. A recent study ranks Chicago as fifth on the list of top cities for hybrid sales. This has indeed spoken much for the city’s love affair with hybrid cars also has hybrid car insurance schemes that go with the trend.

The worst seems to be over in the hybrid car market, although sales remains below normal levels. 26,205 hybrid cars were sold in June 09, a good 5 percent increase from May 2008 last year.

So is this the time to jump on the hybrid car bandwagon? Obviously, as like any early adopters, anytime is a good time for a change in you driving lifestyle, and also doing your part at for mankind’s green legacy. What with the generous green tax credits that the Obama government is giving for green switchers, and the potential gasoline savings over the long run, who could resist the temptation of the sleekly designed, aerodynamic streamlined look of a hybrid car?

There are however, some myths and issues you need to be informed before you finally roll that Toyota Prius or Ford Fusion Hybrid out of the dealers’ showroom.

Do Hybrid Cars Blow Up In Car Accidents?

There have been concerns about whether hybrid cars blow up in car accidents. Just about a year ago, even firefighters ask this question.

>> Truth be told, by Hoyt, PR rep for Toyota, “Our engineers gave lots of thought to safety. You can electrocute yourself with 300 to 500 volts. But you have to work hard to do this with hybrids, which have lots of real safeguards. The high volt disconnects in accidents. It is our worry too for anyone to hesitate at accident scenes because of worries due to lack of information. .. If people thought about how dangerous gasoline was they would not get into cars. They are saying the same thing about hydrogen technology, that hydrogen will blow up like the Hindenburg.”

Are Green Cars Low Cost Wear And Tear Since They Are Under Generous Warranties?

>> Truth be told, environmentally friendly cars may be efficient and reliable but like any other types of cars, mechanisms wear and tear do give rise to need of maintenance. Most hybrid car auto makers give 8 year warranties to the battery life. However, when you are involved in an accident and require repair, there would obviously be hidden expenses comparative to its gasoline counterparts. The hybrid technology is still a fairly advanced one, requiring mechanics of specific skills sets to repair them.

Green Cars Cost An Arm And Leg!

>> Truth be told, did you know that the price of a Toyota Prius 2009 is now benchmarked as one of the cheapest most efficient hybrid cars with at least 50 mpg costing only a mere $3,000 more than your Ford Fusion, depending on your location. Coupled with your eligible green tax credits and fuel efficiency on gas savings over the long run, it is not difficult to decide on your next car purchase.


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