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How Hybrid Cars Measure Up As The Environmentally Friendly Green Car

Article: How Hybrid Cars Measure Up As The Environmentally Friendly Green Car

The new breed of Environmentally Friendly Cars namely the Hybrid cars are built upon advanced smart technology with engines that are capable of recharging their batteries while still running on gasoline. This was a major leap for Hybrid cars technology and serve as a key automatic energy rejuvenation feature which enables the hybrid car to be self sustaining.

The other smart technology is the hybrid car onboard computer which intelligently detects the reduction in speed and kicks in the energy conservation phase by switching from gas to electricity when hybrid battery is fully charged and does the reverse when in low battery power.

Consumer Statistics shows that about 80 percent of the time, city dwellers tend to drive at 40 to 50 miles per hour, mostly for urban driving. This suits the profile of the hybrid cars specs which essentially only utilizes its electric power system around 45 miles per hour or less. This means that most often than not, the urban driving hybrid car does need to tap into its gasoline reserves at all. Currently thanks to this advanced technology, with the exception of pure electric cars, the hybrid car is deemed the most fuel efficient amongst all types, cutting gasoline consumption by half by alternating between the more fuel efficient modes of powering the car. Gone are the agonizing bills from gasoline guzzlers.

And to boot, as a hybrid car owner, you are doing your bit for keeping the environment greener with lesser toxic emission with your environmentally friendly car, thereby contributing to cleaner ozone free air.

The Obama government is offering a $7,500 green tax incentive to those who switch to hybrid vehicles. Hence, even if the cost of a hybrid car is slightly higher than the conventional gasoline guzzlers, this amount of tax incentives as well as the long term fuel savings would far exceed its cost.

Hence, you should never view a purchase of a vehicle in short term perspective. Some tend to take a stand that in this bad economic downturn, it would be a greater toil on their finances to buy the higher-priced hybrid car. The truth is exactly the opposite. What they do not see is the investment which pays off over the long run in terms of 80% fuel savings, up to $7,500 tax incentives, and a greener ozone. And This is a priceless legacy and our most precious gift of life to our next generations to come.


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