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Hybrid Cars vs Electric Cars

Article: Hybrid Cars vs Electric Cars

Electric Cars have been on the commercial alternative fuel car scene for more than 10 years. 10 years on, and yet most car manufacturers are still experimenting for the perfect electric car. The Electric Car’s market share is minuscule to say the least. But will this all change with the advent of the Barack Obama Electric Car Stimulus Plan which aims to deliver 1 million Electric Cars to fill the road by 2015, a mere 5 years later with a $2.4 Billion Stimulus Plan?

Hybrid Cars over the years, on the other hand, have made great inroads into the hearts of car buyers, touting its supporters all the way from Hollywood Megastars to renown politicians. The hybrid car market has grown to more than 3% of total car market in the US within 2 – 3 years. So, is the Hybrid Car a car makers’ hype, fad or truly the future of Environmentally Friendly Car?

Let us run a Reality Check.

Hybrids Vs Electric Cars, Which Is The More Environmentally Friendly Car?

Electric cars are Full Electric powered cars which means that there is not need to use gasoline fuel which when burned, emits toxic fume into the ozone. Conversely, Hybrid Cars which uses 2 or more alternative fuel sources do emit toxic fumes, albeit much smaller amounts, around 50% compared to the conventional car. Hence, this is a fact that electric cars are the more environmentally friendly cars than hybrids in terms of fume emissions, in fact, at least twice as clean as its hybrid counterpart.

Hybrids Vs Electric Cars, Which Requires Less Maintenance?

Most models of hybrid cars currently use tow or more fuel sources with at least one which combust to give power, the components are more complicated and require s certain level of maintenance. Conversely, Electric cars have fewer wear and tear, in addition to the fact that they more fuel-efficient with better mileage than hybrid cars.

Hybrids Vs Electric Cars, Which Travels Further Before Recharge?

Hybrid Cars travels a record 200 miles before recharge compared to the fact that the Electric Cars which seldom exceeded 100 miles now tout at least 200 miles before requiring a recharge. Maximum time for a full recharge of the Electric Car batteries has shrunk from 20 hours to about 3 hours. The greatest tipper of scale for the Electric Car is its capability to regenerate its own electric energy while running its motor which is twice as efficient as its Hybrid car counterpart.

Even having reviewed the benefits and pitfalls of Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars, it is difficult to say whether Hybrid Cars or Electric Cars which only recently debut into the limelight will become the eventual winner. And only time will tell which will successfully tout as the future of road warriors.


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