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Obama Gives A New Lease of Life to Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Electric Cars

Article: Obama Gives A New Lease of Life to Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Electric Cars

Almost every home has a car, so it is not difficult to understand the frustrations fluctuating gasoline prices and the deteriorating economy brings to your household. More people are now searching for the alternative which helps to give them better mileage, lower gasoline bills, lesser traffic smog and better incentives. Well, it now seem more real then ever as the Obama government has started to embrace electric cars and hybrid cars as the jumpstart for the long ailing American auto industry. The brave and ambitious target to roll out 1 million environmentally friendly cars by 2015 is indeed commendable.

The fact that environmentally friendly cars have risen through the ranks lately can be attributed to the various benefits it accords its users. The most popular type of environmentally friendly cars currently include 2 types, namely the massed produced hybrid car, as well as the electric car which is the latest new entrant to the car market.

There are marked differences in the hybrid car vs the electric car. The hybrid car uses a combination of part electricity and part gasoline to power the engine of the vehicle. Compared to conventional cars, whereby the engine is solely run by gasoline, the hybrid car is deem at least 50 percent more fuel efficient.

By virtue of the fact that the hybrid is 50 percent more fuel efficient and consumes less than half the usual gasoline, the hybrid car emits less than 50 to 70 percent less toxic substances into the environment, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the green car driver. The current leader of the pack is the Toyota Prius, which has a set a 2010 target of 400,000 sales worldwide.

Competing with the Hybrid Car is the new kid on the block, the Electric Car. This is the car that the Obama government is hoping will help to rebuild the auto industry, grow our environmentally friendly subconscious and drastically cut down our carbon footprint.

The Electric car concept was shelved by many an automaker mainly due to the fact that there were too many roadblocks in its development then. The key barrier to mass demand was that the electric technology was not sufficiently mature, there were lack of support for developing supporting infrastructure, until the Obama 2.4 billion auto industry stimulus plan.

With 500 million dollars to be spent on developing more efficient electric motors and batteries and 400 million dollars fully devoted to creating new infrastructures such as electric charging stations, the Electric Car is set to roll off auto plants in a big way. To top it up, the government is providing a 7,500 dollars tax credit scheme for the purchase of a new electric car or hybrid car.

Such are the effects on the environmentally friendly car scene induced with a political agenda which is well meaning, and designed to kill more than 2 birds with one stone.

Folks, the NEW Green Revolution has just begun. Embrace yourself with cleaner and more environmentally friendly changes in your lifestyle.


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