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The Controversial Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Electric Car Battery Pack

Article: The Controversial Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Electric Car Battery Pack

Considering buying a hybrid car? Heard of the many myths about the infamous Hybrid Car Battery Packs?

We hope to help you find answers to the many burning questions you have on Hybrid Car battery packs. So, here is a sneak peek from under the hood of the Hybrid Car.

Myth – You Could Be Electrocuted By Hybrid Car Batteries In Car Crashes

It is great to learn from professionals like paramedic and firefighters that the above is simply myth and this debunks the untruth that you could get electrocuted by Hybrid Car batteries in car crashes as well as the rumors that you could sustain burns from battery acid, electrocution and fires.

In fact the hybrid car runs a very fail-safe system. If you breach any of the wires, it shorts out. Now that does give you great peace of mind!

Fact – Your Hybrid Battery Packs Probably Need Not Be Replaced Within Its Lifetime

According to the US Department of Energy which ran tests on the hybrid battery packs, the surprising result is that the pack remained as good as new after 160,000 miles. This is due probably to the fact that when the hybrid car has a self-regenerating break system as well as other built in life extending components.

And to top this off, hybrid manufacturers are providing generous battery warranties most which range from 8-10 years and 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

Myth – The Hybrid Car Battery Toxicity Is Environmentally Detrimental

Do understand that currently, Hybrid cars use NiMH batteries. It is good to know that NiMH batteries used in most hybrid cars nowadays are fully recyclable and hence pose less risk to our environment.

Myth – The Hybrid Car Battery Technology Is Still Unstable And Battery Failures Rates Could Be High
Research reports in mid 2008 show that out of the 100,000 Honda hybrids sold, Newsweek found fewer than 200 battery failures after the warranty expired, constituting a failure rate of 0.002. Toyota shares that its battery replacement rate is 0.003 percent, or 1 out of 40,000 second generation Prius, whilst replacement rates for the first generation Prius was closer to 1 percent.
Now this is considered low by the auto industry standards.

Myth – The Cost Of Replacing Hybrid Car Batteries Is High

With the above Myth debunked, there is no issue at all regarding the cost of Hybrid Car battery pack replacements since they are indeed built to last. However, for the record, the current replacement cost of the hybrid car NiMH battery pack is around $2,500 to $3,000.

Fact – The Battery Packs In Hybrid Cars Are Constantly Being Innovated Upon

All across America, from Detroit to Silicon Valley, from Europe to Japan and Asia, the race to produce the ultimate green car has driven battery technology to a new high. Lithium Ion batteries are being developed for HEVs of hybrid Electric Vehicles. In fact some sports models are hitting 0-60 within 4 seconds with the Lithium ion battery pack instead of the more traditional NiMH packs.

One fact for sure is that Mankind will keep experimenting for to achieve near-perfection for battery packs, all for the creation of the Ultimate Green car.


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