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When Beauty Brawn Meet Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Electric Cars

Article: When Beauty Brawn Meet Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Electric Cars

Not long ago, we were all complaining about the price of gasoline. Now, we are worrying over the fact of whether we could even maintain a car in view of the economic downturn. And in the eyes of fast growing global warming, many are starting to explore potential of a more viable environmentally friendly hybrid car which could help save money, reduce gasoline consumption and toxic emissions and essentially reducing our carbon footprint.

So the crux of the question is do hybrid cars actually honor the above aspirations?

Let us first understand more about hybrid cars before we explore how it can help you save money, achieve fuel efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Hybrid cars are vehicles which run on two types of power, the first being your traditional gasoline engine and the other being the electric engine which taps on electricity stored in special batteries within the cars. Some hybrid cars run fully on the electricity at speed range lower than 40 mile per hour and only tap into the gasoline above the 40 miles per hour gauge. Hence if you are a city dweller who ferries within city and suburbs, you will find the hybrid car a very gas saving alternative car. In fact, there have been many situations when hybrid car owners have maintained zero gasoline consumption over a long period of time.

Great Advantages For Hybrid Electric Car Owners Abounds

With zero or near zero consumption in gasoline consumption, you can totally ignore the mad fluctuations of gasoline prices. Imagine whenever you leave your car to run idle, you not only not need to pay a single cent, you are no longer culprit to toxic gas emission into the ozone. Now these are just two great benefits of the hybrid cars for you.

If you had stopped for a moment to think if technology has advanced for the hybrid car, you would realize that it had indeed. In fact, most hybrids only need a simple wall socket to provide an electric outlet for charging the batteries. And in some hybrid cars, the self rejuvenation approach is even slowing doing away with the plug in. The kinetic energy generated from every movement of the car is captured and routed back to the batteries are energy, recycled to run the electric motor, hence the self rejuvenation process.

Low Speed is a misconception of hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are not made to be slow, rather, the hybrid car drivers drive them a lower speed to accommodate the gasoline conservation. In fact, Silicon Valley has started to build muscle hybrids and muscle electric cars, fully tapping on solar, kinetic, electric energy. Simply look to the Tesla Roadster and you will be awestruck by both the brawn and beauty of what a hybrid car could look like.

Reducing your carbon footprint by about 90 percent is easily achievable as a hybrid car owner. Hybrid cars emit 90 percent less toxic fumes than the conventional car and hence reducing pollutants into the ozone, slowing the span of global warming. Essentially, by the above statement, it is not difficult to derive that you would be saving at least 70 percent on gasoline fuel, running strictly by electricity at speeds lower than 40 miles per hour.

Green Tax incentives to be paid over a period of years another attraction of the owning a hybrid car. On top of doing your next generations a great favor in keeping green environment, you are rewarded handsomely by the Obama Administration with great tax incentives, a cool $7,500 as hybrid car owner which stretches over a period of a few years. Now that is putting money where it really matters again.

It is always unbeatable when Beauty, Brawn and Frugality Adds up to a Great Money Saving Formula.


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